Senin, 14 Februari 2011

The Kooks and their controversy

Hello people, gonna describe the indie band from England, and their controversy, and also my opinion including this. It's THE KOOKS!!!! oh ya! there was some romantic story bout me and my boyfriend behind The Kooks, how sweet >.< . Well, describing The Kooks Start from now!. The Kooks are an English indie pop band formed in Brighton, England in 2004. The Kooks consist of Luke Pritchard as a lead vocal and guitarist, Hugh Harris as a lead guitar, Paul Garred as drummer, and Max Rafferty as bass guitar. The Kooks have managed to release 2 albums of Inside in / Inside out and Konk. The Kooks released an inside in / inside out in 2006 and managed to occupy the second position for the peak chart position in the United Kingdom, while at Konk album released in 2008, and occupies the first position for the peak chart position in United Kingdom. Oh God! IT'S TOTALLY COOL!!!! i like to hear Pritchard's voice, british accent of the Pritchard's voice is very pronounced, seems naturally sounds which came out from his mouth, i like it, really. The Kooks have a number of rivalries with other bands, most notably with Razorlight and Arctic Monkeys. They think that The Kooks have coppied their style of music, even Alex Turner, the lead singer of Arctic Monkeys, have tried to pull the leads out of guitar pedals of The Kooks while they were on stage, oh no it's so controversional, isn't it?how do you think? as i've knew,  Pritchard already apologise to Alex Turner, but Pritchard was dare described Arctic Monkeys  as arrogant, but he also said to Turner, "a genius musician, and a really talented song writer, but now we've got this beef. But he shouldn't have touched my guitar." wowowowo so i think from that controversy, i prefer to Pritchard cause i think, music is a part of art, and everybody can express the art by their own way, it's such a human right i think.
The Kooks was very entertainment band, i really am appricated with this band, cause from this band i'm falling harder with my boyfie, especially for the song titled naive from the Kooks! aaaaah how loving!
Okaaaay, i know you still waiting for some picture to appear on your screen, give me smile now and i'll give you some pics, okay! here it goes.. The Kooks <3 IT DOES COOL AT ALL!!! \m/


The Kooks on stage

The Kooks at Irving Plaza May 11th 2007