Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Kate Moss For Christian Dior

Kate Moss top shop fo' Christian Dior, an influential French fashion designer, best known as the founder of 1 of the world's top fashion houses, also called Christian Dior. He was my best favorite fashion designer. Check the photos out here..

Kate Moss {1}

Kate Moss {2}

Kate Moss {3}

heart-shaped glasses

I don't know an awful lot about this shoot from Nylon, which I stumbled across on photographer Marley Kate's blog - except that it quite perfectly captures a sense of youth. It makes me want to dig out the pair of heart-shaped glasses I had back in the '90s.
here is the photos guys check this out..

welcome hole-day!

 HOLE-DAAAAYYYY!!!!! i think holiday is what all the students really want.indeed, the holiday is really needed for all student. After stuck in the stage of stressed out, students should be able to utilize the best possible time in their holiday. we can go somewhere that might refresh all the problem which hanging around our head. i love this week so damn much! welcome holidaaaaay, see you teacher on the next thursday! this week gonna be so great! yap it must be great! spending time with boyfriend, family and all friends! whoaaaa thanks for the teacher to give us all the opportunity to take our time to study at home. even though i know i will never have a lil space time to take my school book. so guys, take your hole-day time! yeaaaay!

keep rockin beybe \m/

hello buddy! the clock show me the time that now is 19:33pm. yap i know it's so not important to tell you what time it is. Okay now, i just remember about my relationship, i feel like i'm the luckiest person in the world. cause i'm luckily have a man like him, i oftenly feeling like i dont know it's real or not when i realizing the reality that he was mine. We have been through 4 months at a time together. i also often analyzing this relationship, really glad to always have a things that we should talk, i'd like to found we share everything together, sharing the both same dislikes and likes. We've never getting bored with this, and indeed we will never ever! my friends ever told me that the photos {i will show you} looks like a rockin couple, i dont know what is that really mean. i just taking a picture with Ridho and they said my boyfie and I are just like a rockin couple hahahaha well i'll show you that photos now...... how do you think about this ?

yap that all photos was taken when we were in dufan and do-fun!~ oh ya! not only both of us but do-fun with my close friends too. here is the photos....

{left to right} Fasya, Irvi, Rani, Andi, Badut, Gita, Mita, and me ;))

do-fun with 15others friends ({})

{left to right} Ridho, Me, Tirany, Gita :love:

{left to right} (again) Tirany, Me, Gita, Andinose :}

The two most hilarious couple of the year! :lovelovelove:
FasyaBahong & IchaRidho  

My Closest friend, Tirany Octavia Sandha Putri :} 

Well, i think it's really enouuuugh! thankyou for reading and viewing this all guys! xoxo