Minggu, 22 April 2012

i love you.

I find myself struggling so hard to know everything seems so different. I don't even know whether it is reality or not. Some people might think, if something is hurting us, let them go. but I just don't know, just don't know. I feels like letting them go is just make  it even worse. I feels like there's a chance for us when I extremely know there's clearly not.
And, I'm magically smile seeing our photos in my phone, then at a moment my smile turns into something that I don't even able to catch.
Feels guilty to everything, all I do is just faking it all. I don't even have a desire to speak and look around.
I isolate myself today, shuffled my song and then pressed the next button until the certain one. I was listening a song  and then realising my eyes was so crummy, my heart beats faster, and my mind stuck onto the plasterboard. After that I took a deep breath just like I shrugged my shoulder then I exhale it while my mouth saying astaghfirullah.
I admit it, I feels a little bit relieve. I pray to God about everything that happened, and I was still praying for you.
I keep my faith up that we will be, maybe not now. Amen.

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

me and bestfriend

i just love my best friend, so do i love photo editing. Mega Yulia Andini, yes she was my best friend since i was too young, she is kind and i know she know me very well, she is cute. okay enough, why am i look a like promote her -_- haha! Kay guys, i just did the stupid things with best friend today, we took some picture, edited the photos, laughing, joking, and eating ice cream, and cassava! yes cassava! it was so a good taste i think, isn't Cong (read:Mega) ? Well, i want to show these photos actually which i took today with Mega, yap this is it!

i wear a red shirt, yes she was me, and the girl besides me is Mega. Kinda cute :3

 this  photo was so meaningless!ahahaha! even we don't really know what is the photo mean!
well we just did! :D

ROTFL! we act like we lit the ciggars with that sucks faces!!

yap there was a cassava which I'm talking about. :> i know it's so not important egegegege :D

Quotes that relevant with this post :
"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend."
- Albert Camus

Love Your Real Best Friend <3

Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

i love tumblr!

I'm happy to doing things on social network, I'd rather write i want to write on the cyber than hand writing. kinda like I'm glad to have another world, yap i mean here, yap here, a place which can make a connection between me and you, yap you, the one who watch and read this in front of your screen. Even i don't know it's addict or not, but i really am worth with social network, especially for blog and tumblr! , maybe because i like write something interest, posting something, music, art, video, picture, quotes and etc was really entertain me, I've never felt satisfied with this, even i could opened my eyes till too late night or maybe a hour almost morning. I'm working on social network not only on Friday night as the picture above told you, but also every time I have a space  time i always put my body besides my computer and getting ready to write something interest. If Twitter asked you "what's happening?" then Facebook asked you "what's on your mind?", well tumblr will ask you "what's on your heart?". Okay guys, finally i recommend you to follow my tumblr here. 

-Home Sweet Computer-

Max Azria Spring or Summer

so sorry for not telling you much about this, the photos was modeled by Max Azria. Classic and smooth. Very good.

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Kate Moss For Christian Dior

Kate Moss top shop fo' Christian Dior, an influential French fashion designer, best known as the founder of 1 of the world's top fashion houses, also called Christian Dior. He was my best favorite fashion designer. Check the photos out here..

Kate Moss {1}

Kate Moss {2}

Kate Moss {3}

heart-shaped glasses

I don't know an awful lot about this shoot from Nylon, which I stumbled across on photographer Marley Kate's blog - except that it quite perfectly captures a sense of youth. It makes me want to dig out the pair of heart-shaped glasses I had back in the '90s.
here is the photos guys check this out..

welcome hole-day!

 HOLE-DAAAAYYYY!!!!! i think holiday is what all the students really want.indeed, the holiday is really needed for all student. After stuck in the stage of stressed out, students should be able to utilize the best possible time in their holiday. we can go somewhere that might refresh all the problem which hanging around our head. i love this week so damn much! welcome holidaaaaay, see you teacher on the next thursday! this week gonna be so great! yap it must be great! spending time with boyfriend, family and all friends! whoaaaa thanks for the teacher to give us all the opportunity to take our time to study at home. even though i know i will never have a lil space time to take my school book. so guys, take your hole-day time! yeaaaay!