Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

i love tumblr!

I'm happy to doing things on social network, I'd rather write i want to write on the cyber than hand writing. kinda like I'm glad to have another world, yap i mean here, yap here, a place which can make a connection between me and you, yap you, the one who watch and read this in front of your screen. Even i don't know it's addict or not, but i really am worth with social network, especially for blog and tumblr! , maybe because i like write something interest, posting something, music, art, video, picture, quotes and etc was really entertain me, I've never felt satisfied with this, even i could opened my eyes till too late night or maybe a hour almost morning. I'm working on social network not only on Friday night as the picture above told you, but also every time I have a space  time i always put my body besides my computer and getting ready to write something interest. If Twitter asked you "what's happening?" then Facebook asked you "what's on your mind?", well tumblr will ask you "what's on your heart?". Okay guys, finally i recommend you to follow my tumblr here. 

-Home Sweet Computer-

Max Azria Spring or Summer

so sorry for not telling you much about this, the photos was modeled by Max Azria. Classic and smooth. Very good.