Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

a love obsession

you know guys today is the 13th of February, so say what? tomorrow is valentine's daaaaayyyy! some people make a common with Valentine's day, but most moslem are not. hmm for me, individually, i can't say i agree or not, maybe i can say i'm abstained, cause me as a moslem, of course there was not allowed to celebrate the valentine's day, but in other side, i strongly appreciate with the valentine's day, maybe some people said that to love each other not only in valentine's day but every day, yap that's right it's true, but i think valentine's day is just a symbol of loving day,it's just like a feast day or something like that, for example, why are there mother's day? and on the mother's day, we were conscious and we feel more love our mothers? but in fact, we have to cherish and love our mothers every day, right? i think it's just like valentines. it's just a symbol or ya whatever we called it. We just have to spark the love and realizing we have people we love, just that. For the gift of valentine, such a chocolate, flower, etc, yes as we all know, chocolate and flower are really identical with the word of 'love'. so i think there's nothing wrong to give a gift for people we love in valentines.
You know what guys, i've read some article in British Medical Journal that levels of condom sales on Valentine's Day are increase so drastic in Europe, yap maybe there are people who abuse the love on valentine's day, but if we can understand about what valentine's day really mean, i think it's okay all the way, let's spark the love on valentine's day, no regrets, no sadness, no tears, just love and happiness.
oh ya! i've some pictures which relevant with love, i mean pictures that show bout art of love for exactly, hopefully you can see what the meaning of the picture which i'll show you now. here it goes...

Happy Valentine's Day Everyoneeeee! LOVE!

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