Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

You and I, Love.

Ridho Budi Wijaya, yap my boyfriend. i love him, pretty much for sure. He's a good thinker, he's kind, valorous, bold, good looking. He dont talk too much, i like him. when we're still in friends, i often think about us, there was many thought i'm thinking of, we have many similarities in various aspects, even we also know we have something strange between us but we both dont know how to called it, it is such a connection we can't deny. The story begins from moment when we share something together, such sharing 'bout music, film, and etc. and then we suddenly realize we have the same taste in music. So we getting near and nearer and spontaneously i felt in love, i dont know why i'm falling too fast with him. really i dont know, it was the first time, i've never felt this way before. it was very cool you know! Then we become increasingly frequent talk in chat, yap i mean in bbm. From our conversation in bbm, i'm falling harder with him.. He's so funny, he always have a way to cheer me up when i'm bored. He knew me, i love him so much. he looks like a cold man, but when he's with me, i feels like he dont, he talked so freely. you must know guys, it's not that easy to believe that he liked me too, but i saw from the way he shows me, i felt like he making me sure, he forced me to realizing what had happened then. really, i love the way he talk, the way he act, the way he show. Days and days passed, we're getting more and more nearer than before, even he already told me dare that he loved me, i think he knew that i loved him too, yap he thought it's just as a symbol or formality i dont know.
We run the relationship together, we faced every shit together, but strangely we haven't an internal problem! but an external problem, we both faced that shit patiently, so in the end we know that nothing can let us be apart. We all can see, from that day, November 13th 2010 till now, February 12th 2011, we still fine, even very fine. thankiest for all the haters who have tried to destroy us, but so sorry your trying was totally zero.
okaaaay one day before our third months anniversary! i love you Ridho Budi Wijaya \m/

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